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The shoes to wear handsome Guards, this girl is not simple! Gilda Ambrosio is a fashion blogger from Italy, a beautiful brunette, especially eye-catching, with a good mix and match the shape of gorgeous shoes, apart from very cool Italian style. Look, she's out on the PO Instagram photos, a good girls love shoes! And now, five games are played on the different shoes, which sent! Everyone has the AIR JORDAN shoes, but you are generally with pants, right? Gilda Ambrosio but love to mix and match it with a skirt! Can you imagine? "Fairy sweater + skirt + AJ shoes" could be so seductive! So, you think it's impossible for those with AJ sneakers, set up in all her here. She sneakers to wear handsome Guards, this girl is really simple it! cheap retro jordans http://www.lovecheapjordans.com
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What the series of rumors before the rumors transplanted to 1 on the classic Air Jordan shoes Seeing is about to become reality. According to inside information often early release of the IG great God broke the news, this section “What the AJ 1” will be on sale in July of this year, even Num are subsequently released, the product item number 555178-010. jordans for cheap http://www.needsneakers.com
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Air Jordan 12 GS "University Blue"In the 20th anniversary of the Air Jordan 12 on the occasion of 2016 has become a matter of course 12 generations sale Petani, while women own shoes will also be 11 debut, Valentine's Day has set off a sufficiently large waves, and Air Jordan 12 GS "University Blue" can it continue? White AJ12 GS is not inferior to the Air Jordan 12 GS "University Blue" brought a wave of Figure reward. White, blue and vibrant colors bring out the goddess in line with their young beautiful texture, totally can not resist Azerbaijan there? ? ? So many fellow men envy! This pair of girls exclusive North Carolina blue color of the Air Jordan 12 GS "University Blue" will be officially on sale May 21. Not only in pure white leather shoes with blue details campus, bring fresh vigor appear invincible, golden buckle decorative effect is the finishing touch, into full highlights! It is undoubtedly one of the best shoes highlight AJ Girl youthful! It is worth mentioning that in 2004 the shoe Anthony PE is very similar, is expected to be April 2, 2016 for $ 140 on sale, like a female friend for 12, it will be a good choice . It is unclear how much the maximum size able to, we will continue to focus. Item: 510815-127 Release Date: May 21 cheap jordans for sale http://www.cheapjordansbutreal.com
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